Academic language for essay writing:5 points to assist you

Points #1.

Don’t use contractions
Contractions would be the words created from two words that are abbreviated such as “don’t”, “cannot” and “won’t”. Please compose the words that are full.

Points no. 2.

Don’t use colloquial vocabulary
Colloquial language includes words and expressions which can be found in everyday language that is spoken. They don’t give you the exactness required in an setting that is academicFowler & Allen, 1992).

A good example is:
pension is something nearly all of us must face eventually.
This may be changed by the greater amount of formally worded:
Retirement is inescapable.

Additionally avoid other kinds of conversational language such as for instance numbers of message, cliches and idioms; for instance:

essay professional
Colloquial Expression Formal Alternative
above board legitimate
reached a medium that is happy a satisfactory compromise
make it through it survive, penetrate
part and parcel intrinsic to
easier in theory more challenging in training
beyond a shadow of doubt certainly
in the last few years recently
spend lip solution to help through terms although not through actions
got out of control ended up being not any longer under control
a obstacle point of contention
explored every avenue examined options

Points no. 3.

Stay away from run-on expressions
Run on expressions consist of expressions such as ‘and therefore forth’, ‘and so on’ or ‘etc’. You will need to finish the phrase precisely; don’t use these them; for example: if you can avoid


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